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About INTESOL Hong Kong

hongkong_skyline_sunset_INTESOL Hong Kong is part of the INTESOL Worldwide Group of Accredited Course Providers, and as such we are proud to deliver the Accredited Certificate in TESOL with Teaching Practice accredited by ALAP, a specialist UK awarding body.  This means that when you study with INTESOL Hong Kong you can rest assured you are gaining a TESOL Certification that is known and valued by English language institutes and employers all over the world.

When you choose INTESOL Hong Kong YOU CHOOSE:

  • An accredited TESOL Certification that is recognised worldwide.
  • To study with experienced professionals that will help you get started in your TESOL career.
  • The flexibility to for your course of study around your other commitments.
  • The opportunity to combine distance learning with in-class tuition in a way that enables you to fit your studies around your working schedule.

INTESOL Worldwide was founded in the UK in 1993 in the belief that anyone possessing the passion to teach, the skills to express themselves clearly, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others should be given the opportunity and encouragement to gain a professional certification in TESOL.

Today, INTESOL has accumulated over 20 years of quality course provision, and a proven track record as a renowned and respected accredited TESOL course provider.

INTESOL Worldwide is proudly defining excellence in TESOL training through it’s Group of Accredited Course Providers, of which INTESOL Singapore is a valued member.

You can rest assured that when you study with INTESOL Hong Kong you are studying with an institute that meets the highest standards in TESOL training and recognition.